What Causes Gout? Are You In Pain?

What causes gout?

To put it in basic terms, gout is the inflammation of the joints. When excess amounts of uric acid crystallize in your joints.

You might not know but uric acid is a waste product that occurs in the blood due to the breakdown of purines.

Some people do not have the capacity to break down and excrete the excess uric acid from their bodies, thus what causes gout. Therefore the uric acid level in their blood rises.

Slowly but surely, sharp crystal shards of uric acid are formed in their joints and then cause painful inflammation.

Gout attacks can strike as fast as a lighting bolt from the sky. The affected joints become tender, swollen and throbs in excruciating pain.

All of us have uric acid in our blood, but there are some who are unfortunate enough to suffer from gout either produce too much uric acid or cannot excrete enough of it.

Common Gout Targets

What Causes GoutThe most common target of gout is the “Big Toe”. So often gouty arthritis is often called “Gouty Big Toe”

Though gout can also affect other joints in our bodies including

  • bottom of the hand
  • the ear
  • ankles
  • knees
  • elbows
  • and wrists.

Gout Does Not Discriminate

While anybody can cop a gout attack, the typical victim of a gout attack is a slightly overweight middle-aged male, who has a family history of gout.

If your one of the unlucky out of 2.5 million people who suffer from gout, chances are you are male, with over 80% being male though women are prone to higher levels of uric acid, especially after they reach menopause.

Foods To Avoid

In our bodies, about one-third of the uric acid comes from food and alcohol.

Some foods with high amounts of purines are

  • beets
  • yeast
  • sardines
  • mushrooms
  • spinach
  • cauliflower
  • asparagus
  • lentil beans
  • and high fat dairy products.

It is best to avoid these foods, but gout is not just caused by food.

Poor kidney function can also work in conjunction with the food you eat to build up the uric acid in the blood.

Ways To Preventing Gout Attacks

Some ways other than avoiding the foods just mentioned include drinking plenty of water.

Drinking water helps detoxify the system and by increasing urination helps stop the crystallization process.

Everyday exercise also helps in reducing gout by increasing blood circulation in the body.

Eating certain foods like

  • tofu
  • nuts
  • and olive oil can help a weak kidney in removing uric acid from the blood stream.

Diets that have plenty of complex carbohydrates for example

  • whole grain bread and pastas
  • certain fruits and vegetables can also relieve the symptoms.

Gout Treatments Options Available To Me?

A visit to your doctor to talk about what causes gout, and how to solve it, may leave out some important options, so it’s important you be informed before going into your next visit.

This section aims to explain some of the options you have.

Uric acid production inhibitors

These medications can limit the amount of uric acid bring produced by the body.

Uric acid inhibitors help to reduce blood uric acid concentrations and reduce the overall risk of gout.

Like any drug prescribed, there are usually unintended side effects.

This class of drugs can produce side effects including rash, low blood volume, nausea, and reduced liver function.

Uric acid removal agents

These drugs can also help the kidneys to excrete uric acid from the body.

In theory, these medications can be effective at reducing blood uric acid levels.

Though on the other hand, your urinary uric acid levels are increased, contributing to painful kidney stone formation.

Side effects can include stomach pains and rashes.

Non-prescription options

Now as you can see from the above paragraph, most medications are very likely to give side effects.

The other foreseeable issue with medications is, what happens when you stop using them?

Will your blood uric acid levels go back to where they were before?

Will the crystallization process in the joints continue, leading once again to red swelling and pains?

Cerisea Medica (Pain Reliever) 

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Cerisea Medica+ is made of highly concentrated sour cherries has gained much attention recently, among athletes and the general public, for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


So there you have it, we have explained what causes gout attacks and some simple ways to help control gout.

Leave a comment if you have some home remedies to stop gout attacks.



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